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I have been waiting X minutes for my order to be completed. Why?



  • Bob

    I do not know what is going on but I wait an hour and the key that supposedly came to the post with instructions but there is nothing 

  • 2Game

    Hi Bob, In such situation please make sure you contact us via the Support system for fast resolving of the issue. There are situations where a further security verification is needed before you can reveal your key. Keep in mind we value very highly the security of each an every member of the community. Thank you.

  • Scott Benson

    I placed an order about an hour ago and I have the message that my order is "contact support". I have done so but I am getting no response and the money has already been drawn from my account. I will contact paypal to report a problem if I have not heard back soon. I have never had this problem from any other retailer and I'm disappointed to have to deal with this. 

  • Mark Welch

    Having exactly the same problem as guy above. Cancelling the order.


  • Isaac Tabbert

    I am having the same problem and I have to say, it has completely soured my experience. I have never had this problem before when trying to buy a key. The whole point of digital distribution is that the delivery is instant, you can make your purchase, get your key, and start downloading your game, all within minutes. I am more than a little upset that they would charge my card and then tell me that there is a problem instead of the other way around. If there is a problem they should be able to tell you that with a simple verification charge instead of charging the full amount right away. I just want to be done with this instead of stressing about whether I am going to either get my key or my money back. 

  • Damian Currier

    I'm having the same problem as the three people above, this is ridiculous. Definitely not something you want a first time customer to experience. I'll probably give support a few more hours to reach out to me about my support ticket before I just escalate this through paypal and get a refund. 


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