What can I pay with?




  • Michael Hekel

    Personally I'd use Paypal over CreditCard.

    Managed to get my order in "Contact Support" state when paying with CreditCard, and had no indication on how long it would take support to get back to me. They resolved the issue (whatever it was) rather quickly - which was a pleasant surprise (another store had me waiting for several days in such a situation) - but the uncertainty when/if your order will proceed is not-so-fun.

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  • 2Game

    Hi Michae and thank you for your message,

    In some situation (rather less frequent), additional verification is needed. It does not take much time in most cases but just in case, when you see "contact support" status of your order, make sure you contact us to resolve the issue as soon as possible. keep in mind we are doing this verifications and checks as an extra security measure and for your own safety. We value very highly the security of each and every member of the community and we apologize for any delays but as mentioned above, we are doing this for your own safety.

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