I pressed the “Reveal Key” button, but I still haven’t received my key. What now?




  • kiff khan

    Please help with Order not found pop up error when i try to activate the game, I tried everything but no response yet.

  • 2Game

    Hi Kiff. The game is regionally restricted and your order has been refunded. I see the issue resolved via the ticket system. Let us know if you need any additional assistance.

  • Stephen Kelly

    I clicked on the button to reveal the game key after the transaction and instead of a key being revealed, I got the message. "No key available..." Zero response from their "24/7" support ticket. How is this possible? How did you take money for a transaction and immediately "No key available..." is the response when I click to get the game key?

  • 2Game

    Dear Stephen,

    Please always contact the support team to resolve any issues.

    Best Regards

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